3 NYC Based BIPOC-owned Wellness Companies To Support Year-Round

By: Andie Horowitz 

A traditionally exclusive industry

In the world of health and wellness, taking care of yourself has often been advertised as an exclusive privilege to only a select few. Crucial elements of the industry are consistently marketed in a gendered, classist manner that alienates different communities from participation. As a brand within the health industry, we are passionate about creating a community that ensures wellness is achievable for all — regardless of gender, sexuality, age, or economic status. One way we aim to do so is through amplifying other companies, organizations, and like-minded leaders that work toward the same goal of inclusion and accessibility. 

In continuing our “Wellness For All” series, this July and August we are highlighting different BIPOC-owned wellness companies to support year-round. 

Courtesy of Heal Haus

HealHaus: 1082 Fulton St Brooklyn, NY 11238

Located in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, HealHaus is a wellness space and cafè dedicated to fostering community. The company offers a variety of yoga and meditation programs, with regular classes including a focus on topics such as mindfulness, immunity, and manifesting. Classes are available both in person at the studio or online, with the intention of making their practices as accessible as possible. HealHaus additionally advertises both private and corporate offerings, expanding its outreach in more specialized capacities.

While HealHaus’s main focuses are yoga and meditation, the space also offers consumers access to private practitioners for services such as holistic medicine and tarot readings. The business additionally runs a series of special workshops and events, cyclically open to the public.

Courtesy of Ethel's Club

Ethel’s Club: 315 Meserole St, Brooklyn, NY 11206

Despite being defined as a social and wellness space, Ethel’s Club’s outreach and impact transcend far beyond that description. Ethel’s Club, named in honor of the owner’s Grandmother, serves as an intersectional hub of inspiration for people of color and allies alike. The space is decorated with uplifting and ethereal art made exclusively by BIPOC creators and offers outlets for multiple subjects of interest, including academia, different forms of art, health, and wellness. Along with areas dedicated to work and entertainment space, the studio advertises readily available therapy, meditation, and spiritual advisement from its employees.

While Ethel’s Club does occupy a physical brick-and-mortar location, the company additionally fosters a strong online community through its website. The team’s presence on the web includes a plethora of BIPOC-based wellness publications, and a 24/7 channel for users to connect to their staff through different areas of interest. 

Courtesy of Sacred Botanica

Sacred Botanica: 717 Coney Island Ave Brooklyn, NY 11218

Started as an offsite branch of Sacred Vibes Apothecary, Sacred Botanica is a wellness business defined by its spirituality and welcoming energy. The store is classified as both a retail and education space, with its owner Karen Rose, describing herself as a “Plant Teacher, Astrologer, and Medicine Woman”. Sacred Botanica’s products are wide-ranging, selling everything from candles and soaps to crystals and books. The store also offers private consultations with Karen, whether it be for spiritual advisement or tarot readings. 

Sacred Botanica offers both a brick-and-mortar shop in Brooklyn and an online store with all products and services available. Additionally, Sacred Botanica advertises classes with both Karen Rose and her Apprentices to bring a community together in spiritual endeavors. 

Uplift BIPOC Creators

A crucial aspect of making wellness more accessible for all communities is amplifying creators who are not traditionally heard. We urge consumers to shop responsibly and purposefully, directing attention to who and how products are made. In doing so, we take one step closer to making the wellness industry what it’s supposed to be: inclusive and all-encompassing. 

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