Sam Mattis: Olympic Discus Thrower

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"I wanted to sprint and jump. I was okay at both, but I tripped over a hurdle during my first hurdle race and the coaches were like, 'Alright, you're too big for this.' So, I started throwing..."



I live in Fleetwood and try to maintain my sanity while doing track and training for the Olympics, but hopefully making them in 2021. I throw discus. I stand-in a circle. I throw a metal plate. Sometimes it goes far, sometimes it doesn’t.


When I was a kid, I kind of lived outside. The kids in the neighborhood would make up games. I played basketball, a year or two of football, some soccer and street hockey. I went out for the track team in eighth grade just to stay in shape. I wanted to sprint and jump. I was okay at both, but I tripped over a hurdle during my first hurdle race and the coaches were like, 'Alright, you're too big for this.' So, I started throwing and I was decent at it. I liked it well enough and my dad was a thrower, so he started coaching me.



I'm a professional athlete so nutrition is very important and you can't necessarily get everything you need from just eating well, although you can get close. For me specifically, I need an insane amount of protein every day and I just can't eat that much, so I use supplements.


I think I generally know what I need to take, although I'm not necessarily happy about having to chug five protein shakes a day. I know that I have to do it and supplements make it a lot easier. And I've gotten more into the health and wellness space in an effort to get better at track.


I think the word 'wellness' should apply to what I do. I don't think the way it's used in culture, does. 

"When you think of the word 'wellness,' I think most people think of yoga studios and people of means using expensive products to feel better. But wellness should be about staying well, holistically, whatever that means to you."



In high school, it was a lot of pasta with vegetables and cheese. I never took anything besides a daily multi-vitamin. There's a ton of misinformation out there around supplements and how they affect kids' health. I didn't take protein because I thought I didn't need to, but then I got to college and my teammates ran me through all of the science that was very clear. I thought, 'Oh, damn. Well, I'm lifting all the time, so I'm going to need more protein and I should start taking creatine too.' I started with those and it's kind of built from there.  

Nutritional supplements that Sam Mattis uses


I wake up and I have some black coffee with breakfast. I get my coffee from the Old Glory Coffee & Bagel stand at the farmer's market and I usually put some adaptogens in it. It's almost 100% of the time now, and it's usually Respect des Fonds Focus or Lion's Mane, but sometimes Ginseng. I get my Ginseng from Nootropics Depot.

After breakfast, I have an Earth Fed Muscle Morning Ritual Multivitamin, Fish Oil from Nordic Naturals or Garden of Life, depending on who I get it from that month, and Nature's Bounty Iron. I take the Iron because I had a ton of tests and bloodwork done at the Olympic Training Center after college. All of my numbers were very high, but Iron was on the low side of normal, so they recommended a supplement. I take Fish Oil for general health, all around, and I try to get around 1000mg of EPA a day. 

Occasionally, if I'm feeling super sore, I'll have an Earth Fed Muscle Whey Protein shake with breakfast. That's usually once or twice a week, if that, because I try to get enough protein throughout the day.

Once I get to the gym, if I'm very tired, I'll have the Earth Fed Muscle Stampede Preworkout. That isn't super often, but almost every day I'll have Revival, their intra-workout supplement. I'll take that after I throw and before I lift. It's great because it has some L-DOPA and L-Theanine just to help focus. Occasionally, while I'm working out, I'll have a Garden of Life Protein Bar. They don't taste the best, but they have a lot of plant protein.

After my workout, I'll have two scoops of Earth Fed Muscle Whey Protein. I usually have raw milk or water with my shakes. Once I get home, I'll shower, meditate, and then have some tea. I use Celestial Seasoning's Peach tea with Ginseng, if I didn't have Ginseng that morning. I sometimes get tea from the spice lady at the farmer's market who definitely isn't online and only operates with cash and sometimes says, 'Ah, you're close enough to paying what you owe me,' and just gives it to me.

Before I go to bed, I'll either have Earth Fed Muscle ZMA or Respect des Fonds Sleep, if I've got the time to do the tea. Then, I'll have two scoops of Earth Fed Muscle Nocturnal, which is their Casein, 12 to 13g of Earth Fed Muscle Creatine, and about 20g of Garden of Life Collagen. All of that goes in a shake. Lastly, if I'm very tired, I'll take some Nootropics Depot Phenibut and get some great sleep.



I ate a lot of candy as a kid and I still like candy. So when I was a kid, and I tested this out about two years ago to make sure it was still good and it is: if you lay out a Fruit Roll-Up and put Gushers in it, and roll it back up, and then eat it, it is delicious. Or if you stack an Oreo, a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, and then the other half of that Oreo... can't miss.



Being super crafty and handy. Like if I wanted to build a shed, I would build a shed.

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