3 LA-Based BIPOC Wellness Companies To Support Year-Round

By: Andie Horowitz 

A traditionally exclusive industry

In the world of health and wellness, taking care of yourself has often been advertised as an exclusive privilege to only a select few. Crucial elements of the industry are consistently marketed in a gendered, classist manner that alienates different communities from participation. As a brand within the health industry, we are passionate about creating a community that ensures wellness is achievable for all — regardless of gender, sexuality, age, or economic status. One way we aim to do so is through amplifying other companies, organizations, and like-minded leaders that work toward the same goal of inclusion and accessibility. 

In continuing our “Wellness For All” series, this July and August we are highlighting different BIPOC-owned wellness companies to support year-round. 

woman doing yoga in her apartment next to her dog

Dharma Mittra Yoga LA
12513 Venice Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90066

Founded with the intention of expanding wellness practices to underserved communities, Dharma Mittra Yoga is devoted to interweaving values of social justice into yoga and meditation. Accessibility, inclusivity, and healing are at the heart of their mission, offering different techniques including Reiki and Qi Gong to help mend their visitors. Dharma Mittra Yoga additionally works in direct collaboration with S Enchill Wellness, a nonprofit that developed out of the original Dharma Mittra company. 

man sitting on the floor of a gym next to weights

Thrive Health Lab
3701 West 54th St Los Angeles, California 90043

Thrive Health Lab is a gym dedicated to expanding and redefining fitness. Their business model is centered around empowerment, education, and fostering community for clients with practices grounded in social justice. The facility boasts a variety of personal training options, including high performance, virtual, and corporate options, along with a variety of fitness classes. They also offer personalized meal plans for participating members. 

a retail store rack with bohemian clothes

Highbrow Hippie
1617 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291

Highbrow Hippie is an LA and online hub for all things self-care. Branded as a beauty, wellness class, and living store, Highbrow Hippie curates an approachable atmosphere comfortable for all. With products ranging from candles and books to zero-waste goods, the store emits a detoxifying experience grounded in mindfulness and presence. 

Uplift BIPOC Creators

A crucial aspect of making wellness more accessible for all communities is amplifying creators who are not traditionally heard. We urge consumers to shop responsibly and purposefully. Pay attention to who and how products are made, there might be an interesting story behind it. In doing so, you'll be one step closer to making the wellness industry what it’s supposed to be: inclusive and all-encompassing. 

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