Skip the cup of joe,
drink joe'y.

Less caffeine.
Lasting energy.
No jitters. No crash.
12 superfood ingredients.

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What is joey?
isn’t coffee. It's your better morning routine. We made it by taking everything you liked about your old cup of joe and tossing out the bad stuff (like too much caffeine, the jitters, & the crashes).

Then, we added 10 premium-grade superfoods, mushrooms, & adaptogens to give you a more level boost of energy (plus a sharper focus, a better memory, and an increase in mental performance). Now, you won’t need so much caffeine in the first place.

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What does it taste like?

Delicious, but don't expect a coffee or a tea. joey is it's own drink.

It's rich, robust, & roasted to perfection - scratching that coffee itch, without the acidity.

You'll get notes of hand-roasted chicory, delicious cacao, & a hint of subtle cinnamon. Finish with a smooth, balanced aftertaste that's not too sweet, not too bitter. Hold the burnt beans, baby!

How do I make a cup?

It’s faster than a coffee maker.

Heat up a cup of water. Add a big scoop of joey. Then mix, stir, or froth before adding any milk or sweetener - just like coffee. The only difference is you won't need a clunky coffee machine.

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Smooth, rich, & roasted to perfection.
Just what you need in the perfect pick-me-up.

Single-origin Cacao

+ Energy

A more sustained boost of energy comes from cacao: the not-so-secret energizing superfood from South America. Cacao's theobromine provides that level boost of energy with a longer half-life, plus it has more antioxidants per gram than any berry you can think of.

Roasted Barley (Gluten-free)

+ Prebiotic

How on earth did we get it to be gluten-free? A long, tedious, proprietary extract process that results in well under 20ppm, the standard for all gluten-free products. Where does the gluten go? We send it into the woods to start a new life, far away from joey.

Roasted Chicory & Dandelion

+ Immunity

You know how that first cup of coffee can send you sprinting to the bathroom? That's because coffee's a diuretic & laxative. We never liked that. Instead, our chicory feeds your gut biome with prebiotic nutrients like a 5-star menu. Aka your #2 will be way healthier.


+ Mental & physical performance

Meet one of the world's most famous superfoods. Ashwagandha is what got us into adaptogens, so we couldn't leave it out. Its active ingredient has been studied to do it all: from boosting your brainpower, to improving your VO2 Max (woah), to reducing your cortisol (stress) levels.

Lion's Mane

+ Memory & focus

0% real lions. 100% superfood for your brain. Lion's Mane mushroom is the go-to for all things brainpower. We're talking everything from supercharged focus, to long term memory, to ADHD improvements - it's like a multivitamin for your mind.


+ Energy

Meet the #1 energy mushroom. Cordyceps isn't going to give you some psychedelic kick. But it will provide a long-lasting boost of energy unlike anything else. Expect it to push you through your next meeting or workout and leave you ready for round two.


+ Anti-fatigue & immunity

Reishi likes to be lowkey, but it deserves the spotlight, so here we go! It's huge for anti-fatigue, immunity, & long term health. We added it to make sure you're feeling your best, even after your last sip. Plus it's way tastier than a bunch of Vitamin C horse pills.


+ Alertness without the stress

This is our favorite amino acid of all time. It's specifically been tested with caffeine to up focus, reduce jitters, & promote a relaxed state of alertness. That means you'll be able to focus without feeling wired. You'll also feel way less stressed about that one email.


+ Cognition

And we all thought cinnamon was only good for adding some flavor. Turns out it comes with a laundry list of health benefits. That said, we're a coffee alternative, so we really care about cinnamon's ability to boost mental performance. Who would have known? But now we do.

Made by us,
two ex-coffee lovers.
(not wellness gurus)

We know you've heard our story before: we spent years loving coffee & drinking it to fuel our busy lives. We thought we needed it to be at our best, so we dealt with all the side effects.

Eventually, the constant caffeination got to be too much & our doctors told us we had to stop. Turns out drinking a ton of coffee isn't great for you. Especially if you have heart conditions like us... whoops.

At this point, most "founder stories" turn into "wellness epiphanies". Plot twist, we didn't do a lifestyle reset like the rest of them. After our break-up with coffee, we didn't go on a silent retreat, quit our jobs, throw away our phones, or walk barefoot into the woods.

That's just not who we are. Instead, we rolled up our sleeves and made something better than coffee. We love it and we think you will too
(no lifestyle change required).