a bag of joe'y the coffee alternative
Our answers to the stuff we get asked most often.

How much caffeine is there?

Depending on the type of coffee you've been drinking, joey has about 1/3 to 1/7 the caffeine. Yes, that's a lot less. No, you won't feel 1/7 the energy. We added cacao, cordyceps, and energy-boosting adaptogens to guarantee it.

How soon will I feel effects?

If we're talking a boost in energy - immediately. joey works just like your coffee (with a lot less caffeine). As for long term benefits, you'll feel stronger and stronger effects over the days, weeks & months. Trust us... your new routine pays off.

What will the mushrooms do?

Not what you're thinking. These aren't psychedelics. They're top of the line functional mushroom extracts that benefit the brain and body. They're exclusively meant for health, not a trip. Trip on your own time (legally).

Are the ingredients safe?

We use stricter-than-regulation testing which means 3rd party lab tests on every single batch of every ingredient. Zero heavy metals, pesticides, chemicals... the list goes on. You're getting the absolute highest quality, potency, and purity available (while others cut corners with mushroom fillers 👀).

What if I'm pregnant or nursing?

We take extreme care ensuring our ingredients are safe and provide their incredible benefits. That said, we always suggest consulting your physician before making any changes to your diet when pregnant or nursing.

Is joey vegan? Gluten-free?

joe'y ingredients share a laundry list of certifications: vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, keto-friendly, and fair-trade. Last but not least, we use certified organic ingredients. Our ingredients tried to get even more certifications and they couldn't.

Where is joey made?

Right here in the USA. We're based in Brooklyn and Los Angeles and we make every bag in New York state.

Is joey safe for sports?

Yes! Our team includes athletes who have competed at the highest levels, so we would never create a product that wouldn't work for them.

Can I drink joey with coffee?

Do your thing. We recommend using joey as an alternative to coffee (or that afternoon cup) but if you can't kick the habit, you could add it to your morning joe.