amanda fields and brendan smith founders of joe'y coffee alternative

You should know upfront,
this is not a love story.
- Scott Neustadter & Michael H. Weber


Act 1

The meet cute

Ah, the time before we were over-caffeinated...
we grew up as normal-ish kids who didn't need any more energy.

Once, in kindergarten, Brendan snuck out of class to try and beat the playground monkey bar record. He didn't beat it but he did complete a full lap around the building before he was caught by his teachers.

Amanda spent her summer vacations climbing the ranks of RuneScape until one of her virtual boyfriends killed her over a sack of iron ore. A child with a brutal sense of justice, Amanda restarted the game the next day and tracked him down within a week.
baby pictures of amanda fiends and brendan smith founders of joe'y
amanda fields and brendan smith competing in track and field


Peak wellness

We met on a nippy (lol) September day at the University of Pennsylvania and spent the next few years as college track & field teammates. Sports!

Here, we got close to becoming wellness gurus (although we do NOT endorse them). We lived like healthy robots: we ate well, slept well, and exercised twice a day. Against all odds, we were morning people. But it wouldn't last...


The workplace romance

Next came the corporate world. Long hours, stressful deadlines, & big meetings meant we needed a new routine.

This is when we met โœจcoffeeโœจ and it was love at first sight. We started drinking a ton of it. In the honeymoon phase, coffee felt very productive & grown-up. We were those "not before my morning coffee" people. Cringe, but true.

But we were also keeping a dirty little secret: since we were young, we've both had heart conditions that make drinking a ton of coffee, pretty dangerous.
professional linkedin headshots of amanda fields and brendan smith with coffee cups
You're probably thinking,
"Then why the hell were you two drinking so much coffee?"

famous actors crying in movies with coffee cups


Act 2
The messy breakup

Great question.
Our doctors asked us the same thing. More like yelled/asked.

The reality is, we knew coffee was bad for us, we just didn't think there was another option. We were desperate for something to help us stay productive (corporate worker bees), but it was clear it couldn't be coffee.

*Cue our wellness awakening*

...just kidding.


Single and sad

The breakup with coffee was tough. We thought a lot about our ex. What we liked: the taste, the smell, the energy, the routine.

We also thought back on the bad times: the jitters and crashes... the ups-and-downs... the sprinting to the bathroom. ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

All things considered, coffee was a bad ex. We thought we needed it to be at our best, but that wasn't true. Coffee was just a quick fix.
roy lichtenstein painting saying goodbye former lover to coffee in a spiral

"I've been trying to cut back on coffee."
- Everyone we talked to
amanda fields and brendan smith creating joe'y the coffee alternative


Act 3
Ready to mingle

Turns out, we weren't alone. We kept hearing our friends say they weren't happy with their coffee routines, either.

So, we searched for something that:
- WOULD give us energy throughout the day
- Was NOT packed with caffeine
- WAS packed with long-term benefits
- Tasted great


joey is born!

We tried everything out there and nothing hit the spot. So, we rolled up our sleeves. It took 1 year, 2 cities, 3 kitchens, 10 cross-country flights, and 100s of iterations - but we finally did it. joey is everything we liked about coffee, nothing we didn't, and so much more.

We'll always love you coffee, we just found something better.

Amanda, Brendan, & joey

a bag of joe'y the coffee alternative